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Renew Crew Concrete Cleaning

While concrete is a durable choice for your outdoor surfaces, it is not immune to environmental damage. Concrete can become worn down, discolored, and dirty from constant exposure to the elements as the years go on. Pressure washing can reverse existing damage and help prevent future damage. Renew Crew of Central Illinois specializes in concrete cleaning services that can restore the look of your concrete surfaces and keep them looking their best all year round.

Concrete Pressure Washing and Sealing

At Renew Crew, we provide a pressure washing service that effectively cleans and washes away stains and discoloration from your concrete surfaces without damaging them in the slightest. Our industry-leading equipment and techniques will restore the appearance of your concrete surfaces. We can even eliminate stains from food to oil spills or tire stains on your concrete.

Concrete is incredibly durable, but it can still crack, chip, break, and stain. Cracked concrete often leads to vegetation growth, which will damage the surface even more. We will pressure wash your concrete and then coat the surface with a protective finish. This sealant withstands weather and will prevent vegetation from growing on the surface of your concrete. This sealant also protects concrete from water damage and UV rays, allowing it to stand up better against harsh weather and sunlight.

When you choose Renew Crew of Central Illinois’s concrete cleaning services, your concrete surfaces are guaranteed to look better for longer!

3-Step Concrete Cleaning Process

We always use our revolutionary 3-step pressure process for all of our cleaning, and concrete washing is no different!

1. We apply our proprietary pre-soak foam to your concrete surfaces, which will gently remove all mold, dirt, stains, and vegetation from the surface without damaging the concrete.

2. We will wash away the foam and all unwanted grime with our perfected pressure washing techniques, leaving your concrete cleaner for longer.

3. Lastly, we will coat your concrete with our protective sealant, which will extend the life of your concrete and protect it against the elements.

Why Choose Renew Crew?

We have a team of expert concrete cleaners at Renew Crew of Central Illinois that care about your concrete cleaning needs. They are highly trained in our processes and equipment to provide you with the best service on the market. It doesn’t matter how big or small your needs are; we will meet them and exceed your expectations every time.

Contact Renew Crew of Central Illinois today for a free quote and to learn more about our concrete pressure washing services!

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Concrete Cleaning Before

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